The Best Nike Shoes for Running + Accessories!

Nike is an American multi-million dollar company that specializes in athletic wear and foot wear as well as accessories. Nike is a top-notch brand and is adored by millions of people. I adore the Nike brand as well. Today I just wanted to talk about some of the products and which products I prefer from the Nike brand.

The first product from Nike that I will praise is the sneakers. I love Nike sneakers for exercising and sports related activities. They are very stylish, very comfortable and provide great support and form. I’m a big-time runner, I run 5 miles daily. For me, I have tried several different brands of running shoes and I can gladly say that Nike has never disappointed me. I’m not easy on sneakers, and Nike can hold up to the wear and tear that I can put on a sneaker.

The more specific line of running shoes that I’m crazy about from Nike is the Lunar Tempo series. The Lunar Tempo sneaker is very lightweight, not too much rubber, just enough to keep your soles well connected to the ground with plenty of grip. The fabric is very breathable (which is a huge plus for me, my feet get way too hot) and it has plenty of reflective materials for those runners who have to jog/run after dark or in the twilight of the afternoon.

The only cons that some people might take up with the Lunar Tempo series is that the shoes fits very snug. The reason for this is that some runners really prefer the tighter fit to help steady their running form. Personally, I feel less likely to trip or fall during a run with a tighter shoe.

The Lunar Tempo sneaker series is an overall great exercising sneaker, not just for running but also for all other types of workouts.

Nike Lunar Tempo

The next Nike sneaker that I really like is the Nike Air Zoom Structure sneaker. This sneaker provides excellent stability and support and very ample cushion. This sneaker is also great for those who have flatter feet. The only draw back is the toe line is a bit narrow, but nothing to uncomfortable. The price is great for the value as well. You couldn’t ask for a better running shoe! I have personally owned 2 pair of the Nike Air Zoom Structure sneakers.

I also really like that there are so many different styles to choose from in this sneaker. I love the color assortments and the sleek stylish look to them.

Nike trainers on table

Another great running sneaker from Nike is the LunarGlide 6. This shoe is awesome! Just check out some of the reviews for yourself! The LunarGlide 6 is very light weight, has updated foam for improved cushioning and stability and the fabric is very breathable. There is plenty of room in the toe box (great for those with longer toes) and there are several styles to choose from.




There really are no cons for the LunarGlide 6. Every owner of this sneaker has been very happy with their experiences. So, if you are looking for a great running shoes, check this one out for sure. The LunarGlide 6 is a great workout sneaker in general. I think any workout would feel great with these shoes.

Nike Lunar Glide

Those are my top three picks for the ultimate running sneakers from Nike. I do have to say that I have tried all 3 of these products and I speak from experience. There is no room to play or just feel ‘comfortable’ with a running shoe. All runners need a sneaker that they feel 100% confident and secure in. Comfort is a huge part in the overall performance of your running and training sessions. However, you must think about form too. Nike sneakers are all designed to help runners and athletes keep perfect form and posture.

Now onto some other Nike running accessories that I cannot live without! Nike comes out with really great running gear to help keep you focused and as comfortable as possible even when you’re running in frigid temperatures. I really like using Nike’s Dri-Fit arm sleeves during colder weather months.

Nike Running SleeveThe Nike Dri-Fit 360 arm sleeves are perfect for those who want to stay warm and not be drenched in sweat. The Dri-Fit is made from very absorbent material to help maintain a normal body temperature. It’s a must-have for winter months!






Nike Waist Bottle HolderAnother Nike running accessory that is really great for avid runners is the Nike Storm Waist Band. This waist band comes with two water bottles that do stay very in place and don’t jiggle. It also comes with a zipper pouch to keep all your goodies with you. You never have to worry about dropping your money, cell phone or what have you. This waist band is very durable and can take a beating, so don’t worry about wearing it out anytime soon.




Overall, my opinion of Nike is very strong and very reliable. I can clearly state with confidence that Nike is a trusted athletic brand that you can count on for not only your running needs, but any type of work out needs. My suggestion is to go into a Nike outlet store and try out many different types of their sneakers and other gear to get a feel for it. I can promise you that you will find the perfect product for your needs through Nike products.

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